DB-4860 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

DB-4860 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
DB-4860 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner DB-4860 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
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Approximate weight: 8.50kg
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1.Large tank capacity and opening size

2.Drainage valve

3.Two industrial grade ultrasonic transducers

4.Two cermic hecters

5.2-color LED display

6.Independent control circuit for each ultrasonic transducer

7.Multiple circuit protectors

8.Cooling fan

9.Moisture-proofed PCB

10.Degas feature


12.Housing made from engineering resin



Description: Digital Uitrasonic Cleaner

Model Tank capacity: DB-4860

                                           6000ml      Max.5000ml/1.3gallon(US)

                                          1.6gallon(US)  Min.3350ml/0.9gallon(US)

Tank Size : 32.3×20.5×9.9CM/12.7”×8.1”×3.9”

Longest ltem Fits Inside Tank:  34.0CM/13.4”

Power:                            290W(AC100-120V 60Hz)

                                        310W(AC220-240V 50Hz)

                                       270W(AC100V 50/60Hz)

Digital timer :                 1 to 30-minute full range timer

Temperature settings:           40℃-45℃-50℃-55℃-60℃

Drainage:                             Drainage valve

Ultrasonic Frequency:           35,000Hz

Tank Weight :                      Stainless steel SU304

Housing Material :              ABS

Net Weight :                       5.4kg/11.9lb

Gross Weight :                 6.8kg/15.0lb

Unit Size:                          43.8×30.0×25.0cm/17.2”×11.8”×9.8”

Inner Box Size:                  50.5×36.0×32.4cm/19.9”×14.2”×12.8”

QTY per Master Carton :         2pcs

Master Carton Size:              52.0×37.5×66.0cm/20.5”×14.8”×26.0”

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