HL-IV LEDIII Dental Curing Light(Aluminum Base)

HL-IV LEDIII Dental Curing Light(Aluminum Base)
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  1. Three working modes: flashing, gradually strong, strong.
  2. With LCD display panel and Functional Key.
  3. Can adjust curing time (3S~15S) and intensity (P1~P9) freely.
  4. Wireless and wired can be exchanged as your desire.
  5. Super capacity battery: A full charge can be used over 480 times continuously.
  6. Stable output of light intensity.
  7. Energy conservation design.
  8. Made of pure aluminum, have high articulation optical fiber.
  9. Six colors for choice(Silver,Golden,Light Blue,Dark Blue,Red,Black)

  2.Main parameters:

1. Power Supply:AC100V~240V 50 Hz/60 Hz 0.5A
  2. Lithium battery:3.7V  2200mAh
  3.Input power:5W LED Lamp or 7W LED Lamp
  4. Wavelength:450nm-470nm
  5. Light power:≥ 200-1500mw/cm2
  6. Time adjust:3S-15S
  7. Intensity adjust:P1-P9
  8. Gross Weight:1.2 KG
  9. Size:295*185*100mm






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